Apex Legends is getting undead players and a new map for Halloween

(Image credit: Electronic Arts/Shrgutal)

Apex Legends is going big for its first Halloween, according to a massive haul of datamined details uncovered by Shrugtal. To celebrate the ghoulish season, it looks like Respawn will be introducing new modes with some neat twists, spooky costumes and new enemies. 

The highlight of the Fight or Fright event seems to be Shadowfall, a mode that will transform dead players into Shadows that stalk the survivors. The Shadow Squad all have increased mobility and "brutal" melee attacks to help them kill off the living. It's a solo mode, but the last ten players will need to team up and escape the Shadows together.

Other twists include zombies getting into dropships and dropping onto the map with you, where they explode and leave behind some gear. The zombies, along with spiders, will also be spawned when you try to open up loot containers. The bastards! 

Shrugtal unearthed images, too, including what looks like one of the Shadows. Spooky!

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And here's our first look at the reworked map, courtesy of a load screen. 

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The Shadowfall event will take place at night, of course, in an abandoned Kings Canyon. Well, not entirely abandoned. It looks like the leviathans have returned. Someone known as the Revenant is apparently responsible for all the sinister stuff going down, which also happens to be the name of a leaked character assumed to be the next legend. 

Expect costumes, of course, letting the legends forget about their troubles as they dress up as witches, clowns, scarecrows and Sexy Dracula. There will be themed weapons, too, completing the ridiculous ensembles.

Respawn hasn't confirmed its plans for Apex's first Halloween yet, but the announcement will no doubt be coming soon. 

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