Here's 20 minutes of Anthem gameplay

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We've told you everything we know about Anthem, BioWare's shared-world shooter (opens in new tab). We've seen it running in glorious 4K (opens in new tab). And we've followed executive producer Mark Darrah's bountiful Twitter exchanges that just kept (opens in new tab) on giving (opens in new tab) in the wake of E3. 

Now, we've got Anthem's full E3 gameplay demo, all (almost) 20 minutes of it, as yet unseen beyond the confines of EA's Play event in June. 

Narrated by BioWare's Ben Irving, the following overview takes a thorough look at the shooter's 'Scars and Villainy' mission, with an expedition that kicks off in the player's forward operating strider base. 

At one point, the player is seen customising their Javelin within the game's gorgeous world. One section even shows off a secret underwater entrance, which suggests there's multiple ways to tackle its environments.

Anyway, that's enough from me. Observe the video, as shared on Mark Darrah's Twitter account (opens in new tab), in the player embedded above.