Anthem won't have player-to-player trading at launch

Fair play to Mark Darrah. Following Anthem's appearance at EA Play on Saturday, the game's executive producer has fielded hundreds of questions from those interested in BioWare's shared-world shooter.

From these exchanges, we've learned that Anthem has a climax and conclusion but the game continues after that—and the reason its hub areas switch to first-person perspective is due to their "super tight" design that aims to "give that more claustrophobic feel."

I checked back in on Darrah's Twitter feed, and found this on the absence of player-to-player trading at launch interesting. 

Likewise, the following details on matchmaking, playing with random players, handling griefing and reporting abuse are good to know.  

Check out Darrah's feed for more impromptu Q&A. Besides all of that, here's everything we know about Anthem, BioWare's shared-world shooter