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Anthem 'has a climax and conclusion but the game continues after that'

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Following its appearance at this year's EA Play, we gathered everything we know about Anthem, BioWare's shared-world shooter (opens in new tab). Within, you'll find its latest cinematic trailer, four minutes of new footage, and loads of details as gleaned from this (opens in new tab) Game Informer cover story. 

The game's executive producer Mark Darrah has now spent the last day or so responding to questions on Twitter (opens in new tab), which has unearthed yet more morsels of Anthem-shaped info. 

"One of the great things about a world that was left unfinished by its gods is that it opens the door to us changing things that affect the fundamental way you play the game," says Darrah (opens in new tab) when asked about Anthem's end game, and what might keep players coming back. "The main story has a climax and a conclusion but the game continues after that."

Darrah doesn't say whether or not gear will be static or will drop with rolls within a certain range—"We want to make sure we present the whole loot and progression system at once so everything clicks together"—but does say Anthem won't have a season pass. It will instead have "content after launch", whereby story stuff and new game spaces "will be for everyone."  

This on story progression and first-person base perspectives is interesting:

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As is this on the size of the game's world, and travelling by air:

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And this on end game mechanics:

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Naturally, Darrah doesn't give an inordinate amount of information away, but what's there is interesting nonetheless. Darrah's impromptu AMA can be perused in full over here (opens in new tab)