Among Us is getting 15 player lobbies

We learned earlier this week about some big plans that Inner Sloth has for the hide-and-go-commit-murder game Among Us, including a new mode, new roles, a new map, and more. But that's not all it has in store: The studio revealed at the Xbox E3 livestream today that 15 player lobbies are on the way.

The increased lobby size may be an especially good fit for the Airship map, released earlier this year, which is impressive but a little too big for its own good. Five more players should make it feel fuller, and will hopefully the extra crowding will make it a little more challenging for murder-minded Impostors. (Which, let's face it, is all Impostors.)

The 15 Player Lobby update is set to go live on June 15, which is also the third anniversary of Among Us. It will be released on "all available platforms," although the YouTube description says it it won't come to Xbox consoles until later this year—that's a bit confusing, so we'll clarify that and update when we can.

Andy Chalk

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