Among Us is getting a hide and seek mode, new roles, and a whole lot more

Among Us is already an enormous sensation, but developer Inner Sloth is just getting started. During Summer Game Fest, Inner Sloth debuted a new trailer/roadmap teasing all sorts of new features coming to the game.

The biggest (and most exciting) is an all-new hide and seek mode, which is played on the regular maps but requires players to hide while another searches for them. I can see that being pretty silly and fun. Also coming down the pipe is a new role, the Sheriff. It's not exactly clear how this new role will fit into the current dynamic of crewmates and imposters, but my guess is that sheriffs will be able to kill imposters outright if they see them acting shady rather than rely on democracy to expose the bad guys. In addition to that, there's a new map, new cosmetics, and a new achievement system. It's a lot!

You can watch the trailer above for more information on the roadmap. If it's been a while since you played, you can also check our my impressions of its enormous new airship map.

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Steven Messner

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