AmazonBasics has an RGB gaming keyboard and it's on sale for $13 today

Did you know that Amazon has its own gaming keyboard under its AmazonBasics banner? Well, it does and it's an affordable plank at $35.99, which is what it normally sells for. However, it's on sale today for just $13.01.

At that price, it might be worth picking up on even just to have as a backup. We can't say how well it performs, though we're working on getting one in for review. So, stay tuned.

This is not a mechanical keyboard, though Amazon says it has a "mechanical feel" to it. Some of the user reviews agree, and some don't—overall, it's sitting at a 4-star rating out of 65 evaluations.

What it does have are five dedicated gaming/macro keys in a column on the left-hand side, and three mode/profile keys up top. It also boasts dedicated media controls, different color keycaps for the arrow and WSAD keys, and RGB backlighting. That's a decent assortment of features at this price.

Amazon backs the keyboard with a one-year warranty. Go here if you want to give it a shot. If it's not for you, here are the best gaming keyboards you can buy right now.

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Paul Lilly

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