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Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC plans include $30 Season Pass

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Aliens Colonial Marines preview

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After many years growing in its slimy cocoon, Aliens: Colonial Marines will finally come out on February 12. Though Gearbox hasn't talked about post-launch DLC plans, a ping on Polygon (opens in new tab) 's motion tracker shows a $30 Season Pass for the incoming FPS lurking on GameStop (opens in new tab) 's digital storefront.

According to the listing, the Pass provides a single price at a 33 percent discount for four DLC packs releasing in March and through summer. The add-ons offer "campaign content, additional multiplayer maps, new modes, character customization, and more."

Seeing as Gearbox already uses a similarly structured Season Pass system (opens in new tab) for Borderlands 2, it's no surprise Colonial Marines is following suit. What's more surprising is having your face eaten off by a player-controlled xeno popping out of nowhere in the multiplayer, which you can read all about in our preview (opens in new tab) and watch in the trailer below.

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