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Alien: Isolation's Survivor mode detailed, trailered

Alien: Isolation is a tense, atmospheric game about being hunted by a deadly and intelligent predator. That makes Survivor mode a weird proposition. It's a series of standalone challenges, pitting you against not just Alien's Xenomorph, but also time, skill and leaderboards. In a new video, Creative Assembly explains their thinking.

I like the idea of this. What appeals about Alien: Isolation is the relationship between hunter and hunted, and I've been worried about how CA will extend this premise across the length of a full game. Aside from its score-based challenge, Survivor would seem to offer a nice set of standalone scenarios that focus entirely on that central conflict.

Creative Assembly has also announced that Survivor mode will be supported by DLC. Five packs are ultimately planned, with the first arriving 28 October. That will add three new maps to the mode, bolstering the main game's sole offering.

Alien: Isolation is due out 7 October. You can find its system requirements here , and read Tim's hands-on report here .

Phil Savage
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