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Kymera, the purple-skinned alien invader of Fortnite Season 7, is one of the early skins available in the battle pass. He's essentially your guinea pig to mix and match different kinds of facial features, skin tones, and armor colors.

You'll need alien artifacts to unlock his different customization options, though, and that's where the challenge comes in. The artifacts are simple purple canisters with a glowing rock inside. They're really no bigger than any other item you'd find out in the wild, but you'll definitely want to keep your eye out, as there's no particular rhyme or reason to where they appear.

Once you collect enough alien artifacts, you can take them back to the Kymera customization menu and spend them (or just save them) to unlock new options. To unlock the more elaborate customization options, like an alien beard or crazier eyes, you'll need to save up your alien artifacts.

Here's where to find alien artifacts in Fortnite Season 7. We've got everything up to week 10's alien artifact locations.

Alien artifact locations week 10

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Alien artifact 1: In the center of the Shark island base, in the destroyed elevator column just behind the Ghost faction symbol.

Alien artifact 2: At the red elevated shacks west of Slurpy Swamp. It's sitting out in the open on one of the wooden walkways beneath one of the shacks.

Alien artifact 3: Near the road northeasy of Slurpy Swamp. Look for three trees and a few rocks.

Alien artifact 4: At the IO base in the mountains southeast of Misty Meadows. It's in a cargo container at the border of the base.

Alien artifact 5: At the mountain base furthest east on the map above. Look for the solar panel and you'll find the artifact beneath it.

Alien artifact locations week 9

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Artifact location 1: The island northwest of Craggy Cliffs. Under the shack, so you may have to chop through the stone or bushes around it.

Artifact location 2: The small rock/island northwest of Holly Hatchery. Look for the one with the small wooden shack on it. You'll find the artifact inside.

Artifact location 3: On the west side of the Weeping Woods river, south of the large house, you'll find a small clay home with the artifact sitting in plain view inside.

Artifact location 4: At the IO base south of the center of the map, you'll find the artifact resting in the giant satellite dish.

Artifact location 5: At the restaurant east/slightly southeast of the center of the map, the artifact is located inside the building in the dining/buffet area.

Alien artifact locations week 7

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Alien artifact 1: At Camp Cod (the large island in the south part of the map), in the rafters of the warehouse on the east side of the island.

Alien artifact 2: The IO base southwest of Slurpy Swamp. Head to the second floor of the base building and find the bathroom with green stalls. The artifact is inside the first stall, which you can just break with your pickaxe.

Alien artifact 3: The bridge connecting the two cliffs by the large waterfall northwest of Lazy Lake. It's hanging in the air below the suspended boats, so try to build a ramp so you don't fall to your death.

Alien artifact 4: The south entrance of Stealthy Stronghold. Go into the guard tower on the left side and it's sitting right there.

Alien artifact 5: The IO base southeast of Craggy Cliffs. On the ground floor of the main building.

Alien artifact locations week 6

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Alien artifact 1: Oreia's island in the south/southeast part of the map. You'll find it on the ground floor of her temple.

Alien artifact 2: Look for the mountain camp full of tents in the far east. On the east side of that camp, you'll see a small blue building with a satellite dish on top. The artifact is inside.

Alien artifact 3: Look for the patch of purple alien grass near the second-to-last electrical tower leading north. The artifact is out in the open between three trees.

Alien artifact 4: In Corny Complex, go the most western field. You'll see a modest green building with some hay bales outside. The artifact is up in the rafters of the building.

Alien artifact 5: The house just southeast of the lighthouse. The artifact is in the shed behind the house.

Alien artifact locations - Week 1

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We're starting off with a modest five alien artifacts in week 1 of Fortnite Season 7. Their placement has a nice semi-cardinal direction layout.

Alien artifact 1: Head to Catty Corner, and go to the two-story platform outside Meowscle's old home. It's on the lower level, so all you'll need is one quick ramp to get up there.

Alien artifact 2: Dead center of the map in the "Aftermath" location, AKA the giant pit left by the alien invaders when they ripped the Spire out of the ground. You'll see the artifact floating just above the water in the middle of the small lake.

Alien artifact 3: West of Weeping Woods at the Logjam location. The artifact is in a wooden building in the southwest corner.

Alien artifact 4: Northeast of Believer Beach. You'll see a smaller version of the Spire and the artifact is just a little ways up the spiral staircase.

Alien artifact 5: North of Corny Complex, up at the old apple orchard across the street from the pizza restaurant. It'll be just resting near the right side of the tree-filled orchard.

Alien artifact locations - Week 2

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All alien artifact locations listed west to east.

Alien artifact 1: The IO outpost west of Fort Crumpet. It's resting inside the satellite dish.

Alien artifact 2: The pueblo house northeast of Pleasant Park. It'll be outside the house near some stairs.

Alien artifact 3: The left-most island in the large lake northwest of Misty Meadows. Inside the house near the spire.

Alien artifact 4: The bridge south of Corny Complex. It's just sitting in the middle of the road at the north end.

Alien artifact 5: The smaller basin of water/flooded missile silo at the Grotto. You'll find the artifact sitting next to a large satellite dish.

Alien artifact locations - week 3

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Alien artifact 1: In Slurpy Swamp's factory. Look for the building with the shortest smoke stack. Head inside and it's floating mid-air on the second level.

Alien artifact 2: In Boney Burbs. You'll find it in the northern large building, hanging in the air in what's basically the "elevator" shaft.

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Alien artifact 3: Head to the central building in Coral Castle. It's floating above the walkway of the top floor.

Alien artifact 4: In Craggy Cliffs. Head to the east beach and find the large building that's housing some boats. You'll find the artifact floating above a suspended boat.

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Alien artifacts week 4

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Alien artifact 1: Holly Hedges, under a shelf in the outdoor garden shopping area.

Alien artifact 2: East building in the Weeping Woods lodge area. It's floating on the second floor, south side of the building.

Alien artifact 3: Look for the yellow house in the northeast part of Lazy Lake. The artifact is in the shed behind the house.

Alien artifact 4: Northeast side of Dirty Docks, tucked outside the corner of a large building.

Alien artifact 5: Look for the central building in Steamy Stacks. The artifact is sitting on the large pipes on the west side of the building.

Alien artifacts week 5

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Alien artifact 1: Misty Meadows' bell tower, on the top level. You might want to land right on the edge or crest of the roof if you don't want to climb and burn through materials.

Alien artifact 2: The south side of Retail Row, sitting at a phone booth/bus stop.

Alien artifact 3: South side of Believer Beach, look for the house with a drawing of an alien riding a rocket on its roof. Destroy the northwest corner of the roof to find the alien artifact.

Alien artifact 4: Center of Pleasant Park, hidden in the ceiling of the central picnic area.

Alien artifact 5: The coast northeast of Craggy Cliffs, just beyond the large mounds/hills.

That's it for weeks 1 through 10. We'll be updating this page with new alien artifact locations as they get revealed. In the meantime, catch up on everything else you need to know about Fortnite Season 7, including mythic weapon locations, and how to get rare loot from the alien mothership.

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