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Alice: Madness Returns announced

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Remember American McGee's Alice? If not, flick to page 120 in our latest issue (opens in new tab) to refresh your memory. EA have just announced a sequel, called Alice: Madness Returns, and it looks a lot less blocky and just as thoroughly disturbing.

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It's little more than a teaser, but the trailer is worth a gander too, as long as you don't mind the sight of lots of blood with teeth floating in it. It's set ten years after she's committed to the asylum of American McGee's original game. Mentally ill Alice is carted off to London and released into the care of a psychologist. Her condition gets worse, and when she retreats into Wonderland for comfort - gasp! - it's under the threat of a mysterious evil that probably has card-shaped soldiers! Where's my kitchen knife gone?

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The games look gorgeous though. It's being developed by Spicy Horse, and there's nothing even remotely like a release date yet.