Alan Wake 2 will be 'Remedy's first-ever survival horror game'

A rumor surfaced earlier this year saying that Alan Wake 2 was possibly in "full production." At tonight's Game Awards, the game was finally confirmed with a sinister new trailer about a frightening new story.

Alan Wake 2 promises to be a good bit different from its cult-favorite predecessor. The original Alan Wake is an "action game," Remedy's Sam Lake said on the Game Awards stage. The sequel will not be.

"We are breaking new ground here," Lake said. "This is going to be Remedy's first ever survival horror game. Remedy's take on the genre."

Alan Wake 2 on PC will be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store at launch, and in fact you can wishlist it there right now. There's not much to see yet, though: The store page says only that Alan Wake 2 "is a survival horror game with an intense atmosphere and a twisted, layered, psychological story—it is the long awaited sequel to Remedy Entertainment's award-winning 2010 psychological thriller, Alan Wake, and 2021's Alan Wake Remastered."

Hey, I guess that's good enough for now. With the game now officially revealed, Remedy is "going to go dark for awhile" while it works on the game, but expects to begin sharing more in summer 2022. Release is expected sometime in 2023.

And now we can all make this face:

(Image credit: The Game Awards)
Andy Chalk

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