Alan Wake 2 rock rock tree riddle: How to get the code

Alan Wake 2 rock rock tree - Saga is pointing her flashlight towards a tree with a yellow number painted on it
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The phrase "rock rock tree" might not mean very much when you first find it in Alan Wake 2, but you'll need to figure out what it means if you want to find the code to a particular Cult Stash. This is one of many locked containers scattered throughout the game and while they mostly offer useful items like ammo or health packs, one does hold a crossbow that you'll miss out on if you ignore them entirely.

Like its predecessor, Alan Wake 2 has plenty of puzzles to keep you confused, such as the nursery rhymes or the occasional cryptic message. In the case of the "rock rock tree" note, the answer is far more straightforward than you might think, so here's how to solve it. 

Alan Wake 2 rock rock tree: How to solve the riddle 

You'll find the container once the water has drained from the rest of the Cauldron Lake area, following a certain event in the main story. The stash is found on the bank of the small stream to the south of the Private Cabin. The note on top of it reads:

Rock rock tree, are you bright enough?

If you shine your flashlight around the immediate area, you'll see a sum painted onto the rock straight ahead of you, and another on the tree to your left. You'll need to hunt around for the third one, but it's found on a rock on the other side of the stream—you'll need to cross it as the sum is on the side of the rock facing the opposite direction. Altogether, you should have:

  • Rock: 3+3=6
  • Tree: 6+2=8
  • Rock (on the other side of the stream): 7-2=5

So, collecting those together and using the order mentioned on the note, the code you need to enter to open up the Cult Stash is 658. You'll receive a first aid kit, a flare and a propane tank for your troubles. 

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