Aion's 48 man raid - Padmarashka's Cave Guide

Phase I

In the first Phase, Padmarashka begins summoning additional monsters to the battle. Padmarashka summons Balaur warriors from the instance entrance, and hatchers and eggs containing Neonate Drakan at the back of Padmarashka's Nest.

It is best to defeat these enemies as soon as possible or the Alliance risks being overwhelmed. To accomplish this, consider splitting the Alliance into separate Groups and assigning those Groups to attack the monsters spawning in different areas.

Phase II

In this phase, Padmarashka begins summoning huge eggs containing Veteran Drakan, which can inflict colossal damage and wreak havoc if allowed to hatch from their eggs.

When a huge egg is summoned, a system message displays “The huge hidden egg is finally revealed,” at which point a huge egg will spawn in one of the sand pits located around Padmarashka's Nest. Destroy the eggs and their guardians as soon as possible to avoid being overwhelmed.

Phase III

When Padmarashka is at low health, the ceiling of the cave collapses around the edges of the room, necessitating that the Alliance moves to the center.

When the ceiling caves in, a system message displays “The cave starts to crumble from Padmarashka's might,” at which point areas around the cave will be affected with Cave Collapse.

In this phase, it's important that all players remain aware of their surroundings, and ensure that no one is standing in a Cave Collapse, the Padmarashka tank or tanks in particular!

Expect the Padmarashka encounter to last some time, and while the damage and sheer scale of the encounter can be overwhelming, the key to success is assigning players to handle the different phase mechanics, while the tank (or tanks), healers, and a handful of damage dealers work on Padmarashka itself.