Aion 2.0: Asmodian Leveling Guide (51-52)

Mithril Coin Quests

Duddlinerk: Mithril Coins are available to Daeva at level 51. Mithril Coins can be exchanged for Shadesoaked armor, akakakak!

There are several different Mithril Coin quests, including those that take place in the field, as well as some that take place in Instanced Dungeons. In addition to a fancy coin, using the quests' EXP reward for leveling is an efficient strategy. If that's not enough, we've including a handy list of Mithril Coin quests with required level, region, quest name, quest giver, and reward right here:

  • 50 | Gelkmaros | Collecting Dranatig | Avanna | 1513900 EXP, 1 Mithril Coin, 1 Box of Mithril Coins
  • 51 | Gelkmaros | Mop-up Operation | Nordin | 2313200 EXP, 2 Mithril Coins, 1 Box of Mithril Coins
  • 51 | Gelkmaros | To Rebuild Nunglark Village | Godin | 1803000, 1 Mithril Coin, 1 Box of Mithril Coins
  • 51 | Gelkmaros | Cursed City Mop-up Operation | Godin| 2313200 EXP, 2 Mithril Coins, 1 Box of Mithril Coins
  • 51 | Taloc's Hollow| Mysterious Seed| Mysterious Seed | 2129000 EXP, 5 Mithril Coins
  • 51 | Taloc's Hollow | Spawning of Mosqua | Hyas | Reward differs depending on results

**Mysterious Seed, the item which starts the Mysterious Seed quest, can be obtained once the Taloc's Wound quest has been completed.

Upgradeable Fabled Weapons

Duddlinerk: Calm self, Daeva, Duddlinerk has solution. Daeva can obtain Fabled extendable weapon through new quest chain from Athana. Quests not easy, but reward is well worth it, nyerk!

Your guide to greatsword greatness:

Quest Chain | Quest Name | Weapon Reward

1st | To Stand Against the Elyos | Athana's Greatsword

2nd | Fate Greatsword | none

3rd | For a Better Greatsword | Athana's Fate Greatsword

**Greatsword is used as an example, but all weapon types are available from this quest.

Daevas will find hundreds of new quests in Balaurea, but To Stand Against the Elyos is one well worth completing earlier than the others. To Stand Against the Elyos is a repeatable quest which offers a large amount of EXP, and once completed 30 times, Daevas will receive a title and a Fabled grade weapon which can be upgraded through subsequent quests. Once the subsequent quests are completed, an option to extend the weapon will appear. The final result is a level 54 Fabled grade extendable weapon (except for Bows, Spellbooks, and Orbs).

New Daily Quest Faction: Charlirunerk's Daemons

Duddlinerk: New Daily Quest faction has appeared with Assault on Balaurea, Daeva. Charlirunerk's Daemons are Shugos after Duddlinerk's own heart.

The Assault on Balaurea update introduces a new Daily Quest Faction named Charlirunerk's Daemons. Some of the rewards include Heroic and Fabled grade items, Titles, and Godstones. Unlike the rewards from the Field Wardens and Blood Crusade, most of the rewards from Charlirunerk's Daemons are permanent. In addition, all the quests involve hunting monsters and delivering items, and can be completed in Gelkmaros alongside other quests and missions. Charlirunerk's Daemons representatives follow in race, region, reward NPC format:

  • Neutral | Abyss | Lolarinerk
  • Asmodian | Abyss | Mairunerk
  • Asmodian | Gelkmaros | Huirunerk
  • Asmodian | Gelkmaros | Yaminerk
  • Asmodian | Silentera Canyon | Raffinerk

Blood Crusade Changes

The Blood Crusade has undergone several changes. New rewards, including pets and Godstones, have been added, and there is also an NPC located in Silentera Canyon who will exchange the Tokens from one Daily Quest Faction with those of another Daily Quest Faction. New rewards include a Godstone or even a pet. The Blood Crusade quests have also been adjusted:

Quest Name | Days Available | Description

  • Purge the Perpetrators | Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday | Slay 2 Elyos players in Asmodae
  • Elysea Infiltration Operation | Monday, Wednesday, Friday | Slay 1 Elyos player in Elysea.

New Solo Instanced Dungeon: Taloc's Hollow (Level 51)

Duddlinerk: Quit being coward, Daeva! Whine like Shugo dangling over Krall stewpot. Taloc's Hollow is new Instanced Dungeon. Daeva can help Elim and earn exciting rewards!

Taloc's Hollow is a Solo Instanced Dungeon accessible to Daevas level 51 and above. Inside the dungeon are Elite grade monsters levels 51-53. While this is a Solo Instanced Dungeon, Daevas will have help from NPCs and unique items. Resourceful Daevas might be able to secure the aid of an NPC Templar or Cleric, and will also be able to use items like the Taloc Fruit, which grants a massive boost in power, or Taloc's Tears, which allows use of a devastating attack skill. Notable undertakings include:

ExpandGreater Stigma Slot: Speak with Garath in Gelkmaros Fortress to receive a quest to kill Named Monsters in Taloc's Hollow. Upon completion, Daevas will unlock a new Greater Stigma Slot.

Collect a Greater Enchantment Stone: Find Dorkin at his secret hideout inside Taloc's Hollow. Purchase an axe from him, and break the egg he discovered for one random Greater Enchantment Stone.

New Fabled Accessories: The final boss of Taloc's Hollow, Celestius, has a high chance to drop two Fabled Accessories: Celestius's Corundum Earrings and Celestius's Turquoise Earrings.

Mithril Coin Rewards Inside Taloc's Hollow: Speak to an NPC to receive a quest that provides Mithril Coins as a reward. Be sure to look for the Mysterious Seed as well, which offers a quest that rewards 5 Mithril Coins upon completion.