Aion 2.0: Asmodian Leveling Guide (51-52)

Up next: Gelkmaros missions and instanced dungeons

Duddlinerk: Daeva's senses on overload? No problem, nyerk! Duddlinerk has solution. Daeva should do Gelkmarosmissions first to become familiar with new areas. Daeva should also complete mission to enter Taloc's Hollow.

Like the little guys said, Gelkmaros is the place to be and doing the first set of quests there will help you reconnoiter and get the lay of the land before you set off on your own to adventure. There are a ton of new missions in Gelkmaros, here's the flow of the chain you'll want to do next:

Way to Inggison -> Crash of the Dredgion -> The Aether Must Flow

Complete the Way to Inggison and Crash of the Dredgion missions to receive The Aether Must Flow. The Aether Must Flow is the entry quest for Taloc's Hollow, a level 51 Solo Instanced Dungeon, so I hope your ready for your first dungeon of the next expansion! Like all solo instanced dungeons, Taloc's Hollow is a great place for leveling, andyou'll also find quests related to Gathering and Greater Stigma located inside.

Duddlinerk: Questing becomes much easier in Assault on Balaurea, Daeva. Now can enable option to mark all Quest NPCs on map, akakakak!

Take advantage of this amazingly helpful feature by clicking "Display Quest NPCs on Map" in the Options window (pictured below). Having all of the locations of all of the Quest NPCs located conveniently on your map lets you plan out your questing loops a lot easier, and even locate new quests that you might have otherwise overlooked. This will be particularly helpful (if not the most helpful feature in the entire expansion) in the new Assault on Balaureazones that you don't know the nuances of quite yet. Hardcore players may want to keep the feature disabled so they can attempt to find all the quests without help, but I know I'll be turning it on the first time I step into Balaurea.