Aion 2.0: Asmodian Leveling Guide (51-52)

Assaulting Balaurea

Duddlinerk: Calm self, Daeva. Duddlinerk imparts wisdom. Daeva's first mission is to meet Vidar in Pandaemonium. Once Daeva reaches level 50, Vidar's Call will appear as a campaign mission in Daeva's quest menu.

Balaurea: Your first mission

This is when the real fun starts to happen. The best way to get started on the plethora of new content in Assault on Balaurea is to first grab the quest Vidar's Call from Vidar in Pandaemonium. This campaign mission is a great way to ease in, taking you down to the Convent of Marchutan to aid a high priest there. Complete the first two missions in Gelkmaros will net you some nice rewards and great EXP. We're going to give you a quick screenshot walkthrough of the highlights of this mission chain (hopefully) without giving you too many spoilers. Gaze into the screenshots and try not to get too excited for the quests, remember the expansion is still 3 weeks away--you need to pace yourself!