Aion 2.0: Asmodian Leveling Guide (51-52)

Level 60 Manastones

Love little gems that let you customize your gear's stats? Assault on Balaurea introduces level 60 manastones. Only weapons and armor above level 41 will be able to be socketed with level 60 Manastones, but they're definitely worth it if you've got the right gear!

Duddlinerk: NO DAEVA! DON'T DO IT! Duddlinerk must remind Daeva that there is no new Attack Manastone. Daeva must think before acting, nyerk!

To give you an idea of the new mana stones, we've listed the benefits of some of the stones here (normal level stat listed first, then rare level stat):

  • Crit Strike +14 / Crit Strike +17
  • Magic Boost +22 / Magic Boost +27
  • HP +70 / HP +95
  • Accuracy +22 / Accuracy +27
  • Block +22 / Block +27
  • MP +70 / MP +95
  • Evasion +14 / Evasion +17
  • Parry +22 / Parry +27
  • [none] / Magic Resistance +14
  • [none] / Magic Accuracy +14
  • [none] / Maximum Flight Time +7

New Skills and Stigma

Duddlinerk: Once Daeva has reached level 51, new Skills and Stigmas become available, nyerk!

Bluebeard: Where can I learn new Skills and purchase new Stigmas?

Duddlinerk: For new Skills and Stigmas, Daeva must travel to Convent of Marchutan from teleport statue in Pandaemonium.

Purchasing New Skills and Stigmas

Head to Pandaemonium to access the Convent of Marchutan, then use the Teleport Statue near the Vifrost Bridge.

Characters level 51 or greater can learn new Skills and purchase Greater Stigmas at the Convent of Marchutan.

**Note that Normal Stigmas for characters level 51 and above can be purchased from Vergelmir, the Stigma Tuner in Pandaemonium. However, Greater Stigmas for characters level 51 and above are only sold at the Convent of Marchutan.

Where to Level in Gelkmaros

In the red areas, everything wants to kill you with a normal amount of bone crunching hatred, so stick to these if you plan on showing-off for your friends. In the purple areas, monsters are filled with epic hate--these guys eat the bones of the bone crunching haters for breakfast.

Using Windstreams, Geysers, and Updrafts

Windstreams can be seen in the skies above most of the areas in Balaurea, and act like one-way railroads between the various areas within Gelkmaros and Inggison. To use one, just glide into it. While in a Windstream, Flight Time will not decrease. While some Windstreams lock you in until the ride is done, many can be exited by releasing glide, free falling for a moment, and then gliding down for a landing. Not only do they make travel a breeze, Windstreams can also be utilized for a more dynamic PvP experience.

Geysers and Updrafts allow Daevas to reach locations at higher elevations, and can also be used to drift into Windstreams.

Geysers and Updrafts act the same as Windstreams; to use one, just glide into it. Some Geysers are blocked from by a monster, and can only be accessed after the beast's demise.