Aion 2.0: Asmodian Leveling Guide (51-52)

Combat on the Chantra Dredgion

Bluebeard: Now that I'm level 51, can I still run the Dredgion?

Duddlinerk: The Balaur now have two Dredgion battleships, nyerk! Strongest Daevas will fight on the new Chantra Dredgion.

The maximum character level has been raised to 55 in Assault on Balaurea, and as such, the Dredgion will now be divided into two separate Instanced Dungeons. Daevas levels 51-55 will now battle aboard the Chantra Dredgion, while Daevas levels 46-50 will battle aboard the previous Dredgion, which has been renamed the Baranath Dredgion.

Just as in pre-Assault on Balaurae, Daevas can enter a Dredgion when a button appears on the UI. While both Dredgions have a similar layout, the Chantra Dredgion features higher level monsters and, thus, better rewards like Platinum Medals which can be used to purchase the new Primus Pilus weapons, armor, and accessories--now that's how you separate the wheat from the noobs.

Upgraded Loot from Existing Dungeons

Duddlinerk: Don't cry, Daeva, Duddlinerk is here. Just because Daeva is level 51 doesn't mean old Instanced Dungeons not worth it. Some loot from old Instanced Dungeons has been enhanced, and drop rates increased!

The high level Instanced Dungeons that existed before Assault on Balaurea have had the statistics of certain pieces of loot enhanced. In addition, the drop rates on most rare loot (Fabled items in particular) have been dramatically increased across all Instanced Dungeons!

For example, the loot from the Upper Abyss Fortress Instanced Dungeons has been enhanced, and many items from Dark Poeta and Theobomos Labs have also been enhanced.

Expanding Stigma Slots

Duddlinerk: When Daeva reaches level 52, be sure to speak to Garath, nyerk. Complete a quest for Garath to unlock a new Greater Stigma slot!

Garath in Gelkmaros Fortress offers a quest to Daevas level 52 and above to unlock an additional Greater Stigma slot. Speak to Garath, and then proceed to Taloc's Hollow to kill a handful of Named Monsters. Gather 5 rare items from the Named Monsters and then return to Garath. It's not possible to collect more than 3 of the rare items in a single run of Taloc's Hollow, thus, Daevas will need to run the Instanced Dungeon at least twice to complete the quest. Once the quest is complete, be sure to head to the Convent of Marchutan in Pandaemonium to peruse the new Greater Stigma.

New Group Instanced Dungeon: Udas Temple (Level 52)

Udas Temple is the home of the brainwashed followers of the Balaur. The temple is divided into a main level (Udas Temple), and a lower level (Lower Udas Temple). These levels do not share a cooldown timer, so it's possible to complete one level and then move to the other right after. It's also worth noting that Lower Udas Temple is intended to be more difficult than Udas Temple. While defeating monsters in Udas Temple, Daevas will earn Abyss Points. In addition, the Named Monsters in both Udas temple and Lower Udas Temple have a chance to drop a number of Fabled items, as well as Eternal accessories.

**The Fabled armor set from Udas Temple drops from Named Monsters in both Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple.

The Adventure Continues

Well kids, if you've made it this far, chances are, you're in for the long haul; unfortunately, that haul don't start-up again until tomorrow. We've already circled the wagons and the chili's in the pot. Check back with us tomorrow for more on Aion's new expansion, and remember to keep this guide handy for Assault on Balaurea's release on September 7.