Aion - Arena of Chaos Guide

Decayed Garden

Shedding the boring cliché of beauty, life and serenity, the Decayed Garden is very much about a painful demise. Gaining a foothold on the center island can gain you an advantage over players attempting to cross the deadly swamp. Look for a refreshing object in the middle of the island and gain some points by being fast to grab it. Just remember that while the water might look fine, one moment of exposure to it will mean a very fast and painful death. Should you fall in, forget about drinking that healing potion- your days moments are numbered unless you happen to be a Cleric with Dispel III.

Look for the high points surrounding the island to safely glide over the deadly swamp.

Mumu Farm

Nowhere else within the Arena of Chaos are you offered mobs and gatherable objects with such high point values as in the Mumu Farm. 8 Mumu Gatherers and 4 Ore of Mind (350 Essencetapping) spawn periodically during the round and will bring in 1,250 points each! Being quick to focus on these targets can quickly move you up in the point standings.

Plaza of Struggle

Who doesn't love fire? Look for switches on the top level of the Plaza of Struggle to activate the mouted gargoyle-head flamethrowers on the opposite side of the map. Not only will you earn 500 points for simple activating the switch, but you'll also make any opponents in front of the flamethrowers crispy (its own reward, really).

Use the high walls in the center of the arena to break line of sight if you need some time to get away from an attacker.