Aion - Arena of Chaos Guide

Arena of Chaos - Training

While you will need an Arena Ticket in order to earn any Abyss Points, Crucible Insignias, or Courage Insignias, the fun of the Coliseum doesn't have to end if you run out! You may enter the training version of each arena at no ticket cost and at any time during the day.

• Characteristics of Training Center

1. You will be queued with characters close to your level. The groupings are 46-50 and 51-55.

2. The training arena is open all day every day. It will not consume an Arena Ticket and has a short lockout time of 15 minutes from your last entry.

3. Training has no actual rewards. You must spend an Arena Ticket and enter the Competitive version in order to receive Insignias and Abyss Points.

4. To enter training mode, queue through the NPC standing next to the Competitive entry door.

Arena of Chaos – List of Maps

Alquimia Culvert

Deep beneath the Alquimia Research Center lies a twisting sewer-like underground tunnel with narrow walkways, sticky sludge, and dark halls. Stay out of the sludge if you don't wish to be slowed down considerably. An elite mob wanders the sewer hallways, attacking those who enter its territory. While it does offer points, its value is very low, so it is best to avoid it all together!

Gliding from this point can get you away from an attacker or closer to the action happening in the center of the map.

Now that you have the high ground, fire at will on the targets below! Just be sure to watch your back for anyone sneaking up the hallway behind you.

There isn't much room to work with in the narrow hallways of Alquimia, however precision jumping can allow you to gain considerable distance from any unwanted pursuers.

Casus Ruins

The corrupt vampire Casus maintains control over the haunted ruins of her manor. Cursed to eternally haunt the manor, these vile souls defend their home viciously! Be very aware of your surroundings while in the Casus Ruins. There are many monsters, some invisible, residing inside. The bright side of such a gloomy place is that each of these monsters can earn you extra points! Look for Pale Carmina or Casus (affectionately referred to as Tentacle Beast around here) to earn a whopping 1500 points!

Tentacle Beast Corrupt Casus in all her 1500-point glory!

Collapsed Wind Tower

Flight is the name of the game inside the Collapsed Wind Tower. While there are no mobs to worry about, Eruptions of Lava frequently burst into the air, causing damage and stunning those unlucky enough to be in its pathway. Two player-controlled Cannons also appear and can easily clip your wings (or gain you points if you get there first)! If you find yourself on the business end of a cannon, being out of range or breaking line of sight are two good ways to avoid a cannonball to the face.

I'm sure if there isn't already a proverb stating “He who controleth the cannon, controleth the 'splodey,” there will be now. This thing packs a punch! You will only have a limited time inside, but that is plenty of time for a few Fire Paralysis Bombs (whoa) and of course the traditional Cannon blast. Target your foes and blast them out of the sky!