AI War, Skyward Collapse, and the rest of the Arcen catalogue are this week's Humble sale

The latest Humble Weekly Sale may not be the prettiest you'll ever see. It is, however, one of the more strategically interesting selections of variably priced gaming that the bundle wizards have squished together so far. It features Arcen Games, prolific developers of games such as guerilla RTS AI War, Populous like peace-'em-up Skyward Collapse, and side-scrolling city builder A Valley Without Wind. Basically, they're the jazz fusion of genre mixing.

In the pay-whatever-the-heck-you-want category:

  • AI War: Fleet Command, plus expansions

  • A Valley Without Wind

  • A Valley Without Wind 2: A Good Day to Breeze Hard*

  • Tidalis

*Okay, so that's not the sequel's strap line. But it should be.

In the "pay more than $5.80, what are you, a cheapskate?" category:

All that effort to type up that list, and the Humble folks have summed it all up in a video:

If you need a reason to check out this bundle, look how much Alec Meer loved AI War before he stopped writing for PC Gamer and was never heard from again. And that was before the game got five expansions and a ridiculous barrage of updates, all of which are included.

Arcen also recently announced Bionic Dues , a tactical roguelike with robots. They're also working on a sixth expansion for AI War, because apparently, they can't be stopped.

Phil Savage

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