See the first screenshots of Arcen's next game: the roguelike-like Bionic Dues

Arcen's been pumping out the indie goods this year, with A Valley Without Wind 2 and Shattered Haven and the recent Skyward Collapse threatening our shame-piles with another kind of collapse. And that's not it for 2013—Arcen dev Chris Park has revealed that besides numerous expansions for existing games, there is one more full game release on the studio's calendar this year. Bionic Dues is a tactical roguelike thing which will see us playing as legless, hovering mechs called Exos.

As explained on Chris Park's blog , you play an Exo pilot beefed up with bionic implants, tasked with defending your city from invading robots (hilariously, they're not as fearsome as they could be, with the lowest class of robot lovingly coined the "DumBots"). Procedural loot and levels are uncovered through turn-based play, and yes, there will be co-op.

Arcen's aesthetic has always been a bit patchy, and that definitely carries over into Bionic Dues, as we can see from the first screenshots —but in this case, I'm really enjoying the pixelwork of the Exos. With a release planned for "most likely" October, we'll be seeing those Exos ourselves pretty soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out their latest Skyward Collapse expansion, the Japan-themed Nihon No Mura .