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Agony, the horror game about salacious demons in Hell, has a new release date

Agony, the game about escaping a Hieronymus Bosch-like vision of Hell while following the calls of a supremely lustful demon (I'm not entirely clear on what that's all about yet), has a new release date of May 29 and a new trailer revealing more of the sights and sounds of its bizarre, super-creepy gameworld. 

I'm still iffy on Agony. The teasers have made quite a splash but I have to wonder how well all that nightmarish scrabbling will hold up over the course of a full game, even if it's not a particularly long one. But it would be easy enough to say basically the same thing about, for instance, Amnesia—"Oh, you're touring some guy's mansion, how bad could that be?"—and we all know how that one worked out. My hope is that Agony will deliver in the same way: unexpectedly, brilliantly awful.   

Unsurprisingly, Developer Madmind Studio recently announced that it had to tone down some of Agony's content to avoid an AO (Adults Only) rating, which would have prevented its release on console. Those of us on PC will be able to enjoy the Full Monte version, however, as the studio will also release a patch that will undo all the "censorship."

Andy Chalk
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