Agents of Mayhem trailer introduces the 'Franchise Force'

A new Agents of Mayhem trailer released today introduces three of the first agents to join the team: Hollywood, Fortune, and Hardtack, collectively known (to themselves, at least) as the "Franchise Force." 

Each member of the group brings specific abilities to the table—Fortune is fast and light, Hardtack is a mountain with a shotgun, Hollywood is a capable all-arounder—and they can teleport in and out of combat at will. That means they can be swapped on the fly, to bring in an agent who's particularly suited to a specific task or simply to enable one to heal up while another steps in to take their place. 

We spent a little time with Volition's Saints Row follow-up Agents of Mayhem back in April, and it didn't go super well. Some of that disappointment was no doubt a result of the game's pre-release state—it won't be out until August—but much of the dialogue "fell flat," too, which is a problem for a game that really wants to be funny. I get a similar vibe from this trailer: There's clearly an effort underway at establishing its Saturday morning cartoon-styled comedy bones, but will it be funny? Let's just say that I hope they're holding the good stuff back for closer to launch. 

Agents of Mayhem is scheduled to come out on August 15. Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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