Age of sail FTL-like Abandon Ship leaves Early Access

After 20 months in Early Access, Abandon Ship is entering version 1.0 and sailing into full release. It's a game of krakens, lightning storms, and pirates that's a bit like a cross between FTL and Sunless Sea, although with a mercifully much faster ship than the latter game.

Version 1,0 contains a full story mode as well as a freeplay mode where you can run your own pirate base, 15 complete regions to explore, over 100 maps each with a unique island, more ship variants, a revamp of its Lifeboat and Stranded mode, the option to play as a lady captain, achievements, and more.

According to developers Fireblade Software, "Full release is not the end of the journey - we'll continue expanding the game, and the more successful it is, the more cool content we'll keep adding".

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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