Abandon Ship showcases picture frame maps and brutal elemental environments

Abandon Ship held its first public demonstration at this year's PC Gamer Weekender, and has since teased its deadly weather systems and doomsday cults. Now, developer Fireblade Software has shown off how we'll explore its sprawling water world and the perils that lie within. 

If you thought the ocean's multi-tendrilled Kraken were the worst of your worries, think again. As the following trailer outlines, the elements in each of Abandon Ship's sectors pose as much of a threat as its horrid sea monsters—with icy biomes and volcano-lined arenas looking particularly awful.   

Look, see:

Hemmed in by impassible picture frames, each zone houses a "sea route" that allows players to venture into adjacent areas. These appear in-game as locked gates that can be accessed by ascertaining specific objectives. 

My own favourite level shown there is the Foresaken Sea, as it looks as lovely as it does terrifying. Here's Fireblade on that: "If I fight within the proximity of an active volcano, then that is something else I need to contend with in battle. We want you to constantly make interesting and difficult decisions in Abandon Ship, so systems can combine to push you right to the edge. But nothing feels as sweet about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat from the choices you made as captain."

All of that sounds quite brutal, but Fireblade continues to say that ship destruction is not the end—so long as your captain lives, your game continues on.

Abandon Ship is without a hard release for now, however is due at some stage this year.