Abandon Ship teases horrid sea monsters and doomsday cults

Any game that describes itself as "FTL-meets-Sunless Sea in the golden age of sea" is likely to turn heads, and, having watched Abandon Ship's first public demo at this year's PC Gamer Weekender, it'd seem Fireblade Software's debut venture is on track to live up to its billing. 

And if the combat and weather trailer that aired back in April teased the challenges of life at sea in Abandon Ship, then the latest 'Sea Monsters and Doomsday Cults' short drives that home hook line and sinker.  

Cue some dogged extremists, hostile sea beasts and monstrous kraken:

"The odds are stacked against you," explains Fireblade's Gary Burchell above in what seems like a gross understatement. "But there are ways to strike back. Throughout your journey you'll acquire the knowledge and power to prevail."

Before you get comfortable, though, Burchell signs off by saying: "However, there may be more to the cult than it initially appears." 


Abandon Ship is without a hard launch date for now, however is expected at some point this year. Good luck when the time comes.