Abandon Ship's weather system is as deadly as its seafaring foes

Announced last November, Fireblade's Abandon Ship instantly caught my interest with its self-proclaimed "FTL-meets-Sunless Sea in the golden age of sea" billing. It's since impressed with its first public showing at the PC Gamer Weekender and has now teased how combat will play out in its interpretation of the high seas. 

The following short demos pre-alpha footage, however offers a convincing glimpse at some of the game's combat features. Abandon Ship's world is said to be "filled with conflict" which means while shuttling to and from quests and events you and your crew will lock horns with hostile ships on a regular basis. 

Because the crew is class based, aligning them in their best possible positions on-deck grants players bonuses—assuming you outlive your enemies. Besides the obvious human threat, the game's weather system plays an interesting part in battle and, crucially, survival which is outlined around the two-minute mark below.

Between fires, flooded ships, lightning storms and tidal waves—not to mention opposing ships packed with bloodthirsty pirates—it seems we'll have our work cut out for us while surviving everything Abandon Ship throws at us. 

No concrete release date just yet, but Abandon Ship is due at some stage later this year. More information can be found via the game's official site.