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A Valley Without Wind 2 out now, with a demo, is still free if you own the first game

Remember when we mentioned that A Valley Without Wind 2 was due out in February ? Well - checks watch - it's February now, and like clockwork the game has quietly sidled onto Steam . With 25% off until next Monday, £7.11/$11.24 is the cost of admission to this most windless of valleys, but if you've previously purchased AVWW1, Arcen Games are generously giving you this sequel for free. For a couple of months now you've also had the chance to try the beta version of the game, but now everyone can sample version 1.0, as a big ol' demo has just been made available right here .

The purchase comes bundled with the original A Valley Without Wind, if you feel like doing one of those fancy Before and After comparisons that This Morning are so fond of. We'll save you the trouble. AVWW2's Steam page boasts of "more tactile combat", "vastly improved visuals" and a "focused gameplay arc", plus a ton of other stuff including tree-monsters, isometric strategy bits, and the apparent ability to transform into a velociraptor, all of which can be found in the launch trailer below.