A Valley Without Wind 2 alpha footage emerges

AI War/Tidalis/A Valley Without Wind developer Arcen Games has shown off the first footage of AVWW2, the sequel/do-over to their divisive procedurally generated platformer. You might remember us telling you that owners of the original game will be given this for free, but now you can finally see what your non-money will be getting you (well, if you already bought the first game).

A Valley Without Wind 2: A Valley Still Without Wind (Has Anyone Thought of Building a Wind Turbine?)'s new features include much less awful artwork, an isometric world map, and a weird sort of ghillie-monster firing laser-balls. There's a possibly that last one isn't new, but it's certainly unsettling all the same.

This is the alpha version, so of course it's still unfinished, but Arcen founder Christopher M. Park reveals on his blog that the public beta may begin as early as Monday or Tuesday next week. From there, it's a short walk to the game's release in - blimey - January.

Tom Sykes

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