A Valley Without Wind to get snazzy sequel, new features, new visuals, still no wind

Ambitious procedural platformer A Valley Without Wind is set to receive a sequel, which developer Arcen has revealed in explicit detail on their blog. The game has already been significantly expanded since it arrived in April, but AVWW2 is set to be a radical rethink of pretty much every aspect – hence that '2' at the end of the name. Arcen founder Chris Park's post goes into the new game in much more detail, but the highlights include a new art style, and (returning from the original beta) Actraiser-style town construction.

Chris will be generously offering the game free to purchasers of the original A Valley Without Wind. A Valley Without Wind 2 will also come with a copy of the original for those new to the series, in the manner of Zeboyd Games' Cthulhu Saves the World & Breath of Death VII double-pack. While it's still early days for AVWW2, the beta is expected to be available this November. Read much, much more about the game on Park's blog here .

Tom Sykes

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