A bug in Remnant 2 is letting you literally dodge the game's respec cost

 A hero from Remnant 2 stands face-to-face with a vicious enemy, wielding an enormous axe, amidst a burning village.
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Remnant 2's respec costs have been a sore spot, post-release. For those not in the know, to respec in Remnant 2, you need to buy an Orb of Undoing from Wallace to reallocate your traits—you only get 60 trait points, so it's vital to have a way to shuffle them around when tinkering with your build. 

Unfortunately, this costs three lumenite crystals and 2,500 scrap, which is a lot, especially in the early to mid-game. One savvy player, however, has found a way to dodge the respec tax. Literally. 

In a post on the subreddit yesterday, user NonHeroJC posted video evidence of them using the Orb of Undoing and, in the same split-second, dodge rolling. Miraculously, this resets their trait points while leaving the orb unconsumed. You can watch them pull it off below.

I Found A Way To Reset Your Skill Points Without Buying More Orbs of Undoing from r/remnantgame

"All you have to do is use the orb and spam dodge immediately after," NonHeroJC wrote, "On controller, I just spam the A Button. The Orb's effects go through, but the animation that removes it from your inventory is cancelled."

It also looks like it works with a mouse and keyboard, as user Sleepingpeaks has confirmed. Though it's recommended to set both your use and dodge roll keys to the same keybind to ensure success.

While a patch for this exploit may be imminent—especially as it seems to be working on other items, like a necklace which gives you a damage boost after using a healing relic—said respec cost won't be around for long regardless. As a developer has commented, adjustments to it are inbound.

For the time being, however, you can literally frame-perfect dodge Remnant 2's respec cost, though you do need to buy the Orb of Undoing at least once. As user DafaleHeight commented: "Bro found a way to iframe taxes." As with all bugs of this nature, it's not a sure thing—make sure you actually want to respec before you take it for a whirl yourself.

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