'90s crime scene cleanup caper Serial Cleaners is coming in September

The gritty '90s period piece Serial Cleaners has been on our radar for a while now, but with its new Future Games Show trailer it finally has a release date: September 22.

Serial Cleaners tells the story of four former fixers for the Mafia catching up on New Years Eve, 2000 and reminiscing about their gruesome work over the previous decade. It builds on the gameplay of Draw Distance's previous game in the series, Serial Cleaner (singular) which boasted a similar premise but in a pixel art style and sending up a different decade of the previous century (the groovy '70s, baby.)

Serial Cleaners is a primarily stealth-based game where you sneak around cops to muck up the evidence left at crime scenes, cleaning up bloodstains and wiping away fingerprints to help your criminal employers get off scot-free. Each member of the cleanup crew has a unique personality and talents to bring to the fore, and I'm excited to see how its tale of regret and misdeeds plays out. From the game's Steam page:

"Four characters, four perspectives, four play styles. Street smarts, brute force, cutting-edge tech skills or good old fashioned tricks of the trade: each will allow you to tackle a similar obstacle much differently. Choose your path through the non-linear story by picking the part of the narrative you want to hear next, and then approach each mission as carefully or brazenly as you like. Utilize stealth, exploration and speed as the situation - and your preferred experience - warrants it. Get rid of the bodies and other damning evidence to wipe the decade's slate clean before the new millennium comes!"

We don't have much longer to wait: Serial Cleaners' September 22 launch is just around the corner. You can wishlist Serial Cleaners now on Steam.

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