3v3v3 tactical shooter Nine to Five is holding its first open beta this weekend

Nine to Five is a team-based tactical shooter set in a near future ruled by corporations who don't mind getting their hands dirty—which is to say, hiring teams of mercenaries to get their hands dirty—when things don't work out in the boardroom. Being developed by Redhill Games, a studio founded in 2018 by former Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne, it promises to stand out from other tactical shooters with 3v3v3 battles, three-round contests with changing objectives, and a focus on teamwork over twitchy reflexes.

Alpha testing began last summer, and it's gone well enough for Nine to Five to move into the next stage. The first public beta is set to run this weekend, and if you'd like to check it out for yourself you can request access via the Steam page. There's no need to buy any kind of "starter pack" or any other cost—just hit the button, and you'll get a notification if and when you're given access.

Redhill confirmed that everyone who signs up for the beta will get in, so if you feel like trying something different this weekend, here's your chance. The Nine to Five public beta is set to begin at 10am PT/1 pm ET on February 11 and run until 12am PT/3am ET on February 15. You can find out more about this way to make a living at ninetofive.game

Andy Chalk

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