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It's a long weekend in the US, which means we're remembering sacrifice and buying things at lower prices. Don't try to find a connection, just know that Steam is selling Red Orchestra 2 and Civilization V at 75% off, Origin has cut the prices of its biggest games by 50% , and Amazon is distributing its BioShock Dual Pack for just $7.49 . See all of this week's game deals inside!


Both Red Orchestra 2 and Civilization V are 75% off and free to play this weekend. You weren't planning to go outside, right? Lots of other games are on sale too, including indie favorites Super Meat Boy, Dungeon Defenders, Braid, and Cave Story+.


Origin is having a Memorial Day Weekend sale, and a big selection is 50% off , including Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3 . This is a welcome surprise after several weeks during which The Old Republic was the only game on sale!


[US Only] Many of Amazon's discounts are the same as last week, but it's added a Bioshock 1+2 bundle for 7.49, 75% off Payday, and 67% off Saints Row: The Third. Last week's Arma II: CO deal is so over that Amazon isn't even selling the game at the moment.





Know of any more game deals this weekend? Drop them in the comments!

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