Zero Punctuation

The Sunday Video Pwn

Matt Purslow at

We all knew that CoD:BLOPS was a pretty poor offering design-wise from Treyarch, but this video really shows the extent to which the game's multplayer is broken. Here, 500 kills are racked up in one game alone, thanks to the abuse of the spawn points, a helicopter gun-ship and a ballistic knife. The commentary gives a good overview of just what's going wrong here.

Community heroes: Yahtzee, for Zero Punctuation

Tom Francis at

Community heroes is our ongoing series of interviews with some of PC gaming’s greatest heroes – the pillars of the community who have devoted huge chunks of time and love to make the PC a better place to game. Today, we're letting you rub your eyeballs all over this interview with Yahtzee, the guy behind Zero Punctuation, the Trilby adventure games.