Seriously, Microsoft? GFW Marketplace moving to

Dan Stapleton at

Remember not too long ago when Microsoft claimed there'd be a new push into PC gaming by the software giant? Well, they're kicking that bold initiative off by relocating the freshly relaunched (and actually respectable) Games for Windows Marketplace PC game store to...wait for Because when you think of PC gaming, the first place you look is That's quite a slap in the face - how much more out-of-touch with PC gamers could they get? Was the crushing cost of maintaining the domain registration of really dragging down Microsoft's bottom line?

The details on the merge listed on the site read as follows:

"Games for Windows Marketplace will fully transition over to Now you can get all of your gaming needs in one place. It’s convenient, it’s concentrated, and it’s a whole lot of great games."

There are so many things wrong with that statement it's hard to know where to begin. We've reached out to MS for comment.

Update: Microsoft responds with a predictably uninteresting statement. Hit Read More to be underwhelmed. We're pushing further, but 4th of July festivities mean we probably won't hear back until next week.

Update #2: Microsoft has declined our request for an interview on this topic. We are shocked. Shocked.

I Should Play That: Dong Dong Never Die

Lucas Sullivan at

Imagine if Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat were addicted to drugs, then had a child together while under the influence of narcotics—wait, that's a bit too obscene—imagine if all the Asian WTF videos you've ever watched on the internet got together and starred in an arcade game. That game would be Dong Dong Never Die.

Epic stink: ScentSciences want to bring smellovision to World of Warcraft

Tom Senior at

When we look to the future of PC gaming, we think of faster CPUs, the next wave of graphics cards and 3D, but there is one dimension we haven't considered. Later this year a company called ScentSciences will release Scent Scape, a system that will use cartridges to deliver the scents of the game you're playing direct to your nostrils. By the end of 2011 you could be "smelling your favourite character."