World War 2

Unity of Command's new DLC takes a Black Turn with 1941 German invasion

Patrick Carlson at

After seeing red it only makes sense to fade to black. Unity of Command is getting a new DLC campaign, Black Turn—Operation Barbarossa 1941, which focuses on German operations on the Eastern front after last year's Soviet-centered Red Turn. Although historical details behind the massive—and notorious—military action are well-known, it looks like the Black Turn's end game allows for a "what if" result.

March of War's turn-based World War 2 mayhem now free on Steam Early Access

Ian Birnbaum at

Turn-based WWII strategy game March of War just hit Steam Early Access, and though it’s still in development, it’s one of the most interesting new directions for the war strategy genre for a long time.

Red Orchestra 2 trailer remembers the future, frowns

Tom Senior at

[bcvideo id="1111103131001"]
Tripwire have sent over a brand new Red Orchestra 2 trailer which does a grand job of recapturing the lost art of frowning into middle distance through furrowed brow, recalling horrors from the distant past. In this case, it's an especially scarring session of Red Orchestra 2, which isn't even out yet, which means that old man is remembering something from the future. That is why he looks so worried.

Red Orchestra 2 was recently ever so slightly delayed, but it looks as though it'll easily be worth the wait. Evan called it "generation leaping stuff" in our Red Orchestra 2 preview. It's out next month on September 13, a day I remember all too well ... *stares into middle distance, knots eyebrows*