World of Planes

No joke: World of Planes flight sim MMO is real

Dan Stapleton at

They all laughed back on April 4, when PC Gamer posted a story on World of Planes, an exciting massively multiplayer WWII flight sim from Wings of Prey developer Gaijin Entertainment...which Gaijin revealed on their forums to be a joke. Yeah yeah, we fell for it. Very funny.

Well, who's laughing now?

That's right: Gaijin checked in today to say that World of Planes [update: not to be confused with's just-announced World of Warplanes] is not, in fact, an April Fools joke, but a real game about planes and the wonderful world they fly in.

We've learned a valuable lesson from this: all April Fools joke game announcements are real, no matter how much developers may claim otherwise.

World of Planes, a massively multiplayer WWII flight sim

Tom Senior at

Update #2: Stunning reversal! As of June 9, World of Planes is no longer a joke - it's real!

Update: Well, now we're a bit embarrassed. It seems that our April Fool's Day filter still needs a few improvements: Gaijin recently revealed that this game announcement was meant as a joke. That doesn't stop us from hoping that somebody somewhere is actually developing a massive flight sim game, however.

Wings of Prey creators, Gaijin Entertainment have announced that they're working on a new online flight sim set in World War 2. It's called World of Planes, and will let hundred of planes fly together in one game. World of Planes will stretch across Eastern, Western, Pacific, and Mediterranean theatres of war, and allow players to upgrade their planes as they level up, and take part in three month long wars to defeat enemy countries, gain ranks and earn new flying machines.