Windows 8 beta

Windows 8 won't allow adult games on its storefront

Marsh Davies at

An analysis of the Windows 8 app certification requirements by programmer and tech blogger Casey Muratori suggests that games with a rating over PEGI 16 or ESRB Mature will not be allowed on the Windows 8 storefront.

This means we won't be seeing many of the current crop of games on the store, or, given the proliferation of rating-baiting neck-stabbing seen at E3, many of next year's either - not unless publisher's are willing to heavily sanitise their content.

Windows 8: the wait is almost over

Adam Oxford at

Pathological hatred of the Start button got you down? Wish those pesky windows on your desktop would just manage themselves a bit more like an iPad? Quite fancy the look of an ARM-powered tablet but can't face the fact it will giving up Windows? Fear not, for Windows 8 is almost upon us and by the end of the month, you should know whether it exceeds or disappoints your expectations.

Microsoft previously committed to getting the public beta for Windows 8 online by the end of February. Yesterday, people started receiving invites for the 'Consumer Preview' of Windows 8 on February 29th. Most commentators seem to think that 8+29 equals a very obvious 4, and that this means the beta will be going live on that date. Seems like a reasonable deduction to us.