Toad of Hugeness

Diablo 3 runestone system overhauled in latest beta patch

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Runestones are one of the most exciting elements of Diablo 3's skill system. Plugging one into an ability can dramatically transform what it does. Slot the right rune into your plague of toads ability, for example, and your standard spell instead summons a "Toad of Hugeness" that'll hop around eating enemies whole, a different rune will change your plague of toads into a rain of frogs. There are five different runestones for every active skill, opening up a pretty staggering number of possible builds. With the release of beta patch 13, the runestone system will change dramatically.

Runestones are no longer items. Formerly you could find them in the world and combine them to create stronger versions. Each of the five different types of rune would have five ranks which would convey increasingly impressive damage boosts to the skill they're slotted into. That's all gone. Runestones are now "Skill runes." Instead of picking them out of chests, you'll unlock them alongside your combat abilities as you level up.

Diablo 3 skill calculator details every class skill and runestone, is amazing

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If you're even vaguely interested in Diablo 3, or skill trees, or descriptions of exploding frogs that deal 250-326 fire damage on impact then you'll definitely want to check out the Blizzard's Diablo 3 skill calculator. It details every skill for every class, and, even better, gives descriptions of every possible runestone modification. There are a lot. And they are mad.