Three way

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Three-Way!

Tyler Wilde at

In this recurring video segment, three editors go head-to-head-to-head as they take on the same section of the same game with dramatically different strategies and play styles. Once they've put their methods to the test, the editors reconvene to survey their colleagues' trials and exercise their inalienable right to copious wisecrackin'.

In this edition, Evan, Logan, and Dan "Former Reviews Editor" Stapleton attack Deus Ex: Human Revolution as a stealthy vent-crawler, a persuasive chatterbox, and a gun-slinging murder machine, respectively. Check out the introduction above, and watch the team's attempts in the videos that follow!

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes showcases two heroes in new spotlights

Gavin Townsley at

I love a good three way, especially when there are Goblins and Orcs involved. Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes has just released trailers detailing two of our favorite heroes found in this three-team based, action orgy. I tend to lean more towards the support roll of the little goblin, Glowgob. If introducing someone's face to an axe sounds more your style, check out the orc warrior, Bax. Those who need a break from Grandma's cheek pinching should look into the Thanksgiving beta event starting November 23th. Want more info? Visit their website and read on to see our impressions of Glowgob and Bax.