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Arkham City's DirectX 11 support is some kind of joker

Henry Winchester at

Arkham City’s been out on those awful plastic box things for a good month or so now, but us PC gamers have had to put up with a wait. We know that this is because developers Rocksteady are cramming lots of cracking stuff into the game for the PC version. We know that when it’s finally released we’re going to have the most realistic experience you can have short of dressing like a gravity-defying flying rodent and fighting crime on the streets of Ipswich.

But all is not well in Arkham City. It appears that a number of gamers are having problems with all the shiny bells and whistles DirectX 11 brings to the game. For example, Jared Walton of AnandTech has an ultra-powerful gaming PC, but experienced huge frame rate drops until he scaled back the game from DirectX 11 to DirectX 9. It seems to be the experience many other PC gamers are having, too.

Rage getting kinder with new drivers

Rob Zacny at

New AMD drivers should solves the worst problems that made the game effectively unplayable for PC gamers running AMD's family of graphics cards. "Playable" is faint praise for a PC release, but it's a big improvement from where Rage was yesterday. We tested the new drivers and saw a big improvement.

AMD card owners who have had trouble with Rage should get the latest drivers right away. They can install it following these steps.

Rage PC players experiencing laggy textures and low framerates

Tom Senior at

Complaints of severe texture pop-in, screen tearing and poor performance have erupted in the Rage Steam forums in the wake of its release earlier today. Players like commenter Kibayasu and Steam forumite Fusedcore have pointed us towards videos like the one above, showing some of the technical problems in action. Craig booted up Rage and experienced similar effects, including a low framerate and extremely laggy textures. Read on for a few of the fixes that fans have found so far.