War Thunder: Ground Forces expansion moves its tanks into open beta

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War Thunder was already pretty war-y, what with its battling sky-tanks. Or "planes". Now, though, it's even war-ier, thanks to a new update that introduces ground-tanks. Or "tanks". The long-teased Ground Forces expansion has been released into open beta, giving a new altitude for players of the free-to-play combat game to fight across. Naturally, the launch trailer features lots of angry metal boxes rolling across some fields.

World of Tanks' upcoming 8.11 update to introduce combat between nations

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In its regular game modes, World of Tanks models an alternate history in which sovereign states engage in an armoured warfare arms race, only to deploy their tanks in an evenly balanced inter-country free-for-all. All in all, it's a pretty inefficient way to run a war, which could be why the multiplayer tankfest's upcoming update introduces the more nationalistically beneficial Confrontation mode. It unites vehicles of the same country of origin, and pits them in a team against an opposing national force.

World of Tanks teams up with appropriately tanky anime Girls und Panzer

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Girls und Panzer sounds like the name of a very specialist magazine, but it turns out it's that other thing: an anime, and one that quite literally revolves around girls in tanks. It's being reported (via Akiba Souken and the Anime News Network) that World of Tanks developers Wargaming.net have teamed up with the seemingly quite creepy anime to...OK, so that part isn't entirely clear yet. But World of Tanks + Girls in Tanks is the kind of thing that could implode the internet, so collaborate responsibly, OK?

World of Tanks 8.7 update sounds off with British artillery and a new map

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Wargaming have announced the details of the next update for World of Tanks. Where 8.6 was an artillery bombardment, dropping a scattershot selection of French, German, Soviet and American SPGs, 8.7 will be a finely calibrated precision strike - bringing a clearly superior new branch of self-propelled British guns. They're called things like Sexton, Bishop and Crusader, which, I think you'll agree, are fine names for high-powered explosive death machines. Not that I'm biased.

World of Tanks at Tankfest 2013, Wargaming.net give £80,000 to tank education

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Wargaming.net love tanks. They've made a game about tanks, attended festivals dedicated to tanks, probably pampered Panzers and serenaded Shermans. It's only natural that they want to share their obsession with a new generation. As such, they've announced an £80,000 grant for The Tank Museum of Bovington, Dorset, to be used in the pursuit of tank-centric education.

World of Tanks 8.5 update brings new tanks, more options for non-paying players

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The World of Tanks trailer creation department must have the easiest job in the world. It doesn't matter what news they're asked to promote, they can just illustrate it with exciting cuts of footage showing tanks blowing each other up. New tanks? Show tanks! Overhauled maps? Show more tanks! A large-scale overhaul of the game's economy, allowing players to purchase premium consumables with in-game credits? Keep showing tanks!

World of Tanks "security incident" exposes emails and hashed passwords, financial info safe

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The thick armoured hull of World of Tanks has been breached, spilling the precious goods contained inside. Some of them, at least: In the vaguest possible statement, Wargaming.net assure that, while a "security incident" has exposed "some" hashed passwords and email addresses, their customers' financial information remains unaffected.

Tank à la game - Wargame: AirLand Battle screenshots parade French hardware

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Despite what the name implies, Wargame: AirLand Battle isn't a game about Bioshock Infinite's Columbia starting fights with other famous floating islands - perhaps that one from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Instead, it's the sequel to last year's well received Cold War RTS, Wargame: European Escalation. Developers Eugen are adding to their collection of beautiful screenshots with an overview of NATO's French contingent.

World of Tanks celebrates second birthday, provides presents for players

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World of Tanks is celebrating its two-year anniversary in North America and Europe, and Wargaming.net are saying tanks for the support (I'm so, so sorry) with a celebration of all things big, metal and shooty. From today through to the 16th April, they're offering a selection of bonuses and discounts for their millions of tank commanders. You don't even have craft a papier-mâché Panzer party hat to join in.

World of Tanks update 8.4 adds tutorials and (surprise) even more tanks

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The best thing about Wargaming.net's World of Tanks trailers is how much personality they infuse into their steel monstrosities. In this latest, they switch between acting like loveable scamps, rutting wild animals, and, inevitably, armoured death machines raining bullets and explosives on top of each other. It's quite the juxtaposition. The stars of this show are the new recruits of the game's 8.4 update - a full branch of British Destroyers, with a couple of German and Soviet tanks thrown in for good measure.

World of Tanks update 8.3 lets Chinese hardware run loose

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The first half of this trailer for the latest World of Tanks update looks exactly like a nature documentary. Watching as a herd of Chinese tanks roamed their natural habitat, I half expected them to start mounting each other while David Attenborough breathlessly enthused about their distinctive markings.

The second half? As is mandatory for all trailers, the second half goes a bit dubstep.

World of Tanks announce Chinese warmachines - tech tree and trailer within

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World of Tanks has got a lot of tanks. But has it got enough?! Not yet, say Wargaming.net, announcing the forthcoming introduction of yet more mechanical monsters, this time based on designs and prototypes developed by the Chinese. Hit the jump for loads of screens from the incoming update, a tech tree and a trailer, too.

World of Tanks: Heavy Tanks trailer

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Remember the medium tanks in World of Tanks? Those were pretty big tanks. They had great big guns and everything. These tanks are way bigger than those tanks. These are heavy tanks (well, heavier tanks). Here is some tank porn to prove it: