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Capcom announces minimum PC requirements for Remember Me

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Capcom's third-person action / memory hacking game Remember Me will release in early June, and if you've paid attention to recent trailers you'll know it looks very pretty. If you're keen to hack memories as a spec ops martial arts expert in an eerie, futuristic Paris, you'll need to horsepower. So here are the minimum and suggested PC specifications.

Crysis 3's system specs revealed, ageing rigs look on in horror

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Crytek have posted up the minimum, recommended and hi-performance requirements for PCs hoping to run Crysis 3. While any modern gaming PC should be able to cope with the game's entry-level specifications, those numbers get pretty high pretty quickly. Here's their specs:

Tropico 4 system requirements revealed

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Tropico 4 is out pretty soon. On August 25 in the UK and September 1 in the US, to be precise. If you're wondering whether or not your rig will be able to render all that summery despotism at maximum detail, you'll want to have a glance at the official minimum and recommended system requirements below. Tropico 4 will introduce natural disasters to your island, making oppressing your citizens even more difficult. See some of that bad weather in action in the Tropico 4 trailer. Visit the Tropico 4 site for more info.

Space Marine system requirements are out, Steam required

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Relic's 40K mash-'em-up, Space Marine will give us the chance to meet new and interesting aliens, and purge them of all of their blood. It's out in September, but will all that gore require an ox of a machine to run? Find out in the minimum and maximum system requirements, spotted by NewGameNetwork on the Space Marine forums.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution system requirements detailed

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Thanks to the first Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC screens, we already know that the game is going to look great on our machines, but will you need to augment your PC to get it running? Find out now with the full Deus Ex: Human Revolution system specs, listed below.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood system specs revealed

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There's now a Steam page for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood containing the full system specs for the game. The game is also available to pre-purchase on Steam. Want to know if you'll be able to keep up a good framerate as you murderise? Read on for the full system requirements.

Crysis 2 minimum system specs revealed

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EA have released the Crysis 2 minimum specs. The original Crysis forced many people to upgrade their PCs but will the same be true for the sequel? Find the full system specs listed below.

Homefront PC-exclusive features and system specs detailed. Now available to pre-order on Steam

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Kaos Studios have announced a wealth of PC-only features for their upcoming FPS, Homefront, along with system specs and pre-order information.

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Homefront system specs revealed

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THQ have released system specifications for their upcoming FPS, Homefront. Find them below.