Sci-fi shooter

Interstellar Marines takes its sci-fi shooting, and walking sharks, to Kickstarter

Tom Sykes at

I'm shocked - shocked, I tells ya. There are at least three upcoming indie games that haven't moved their projects to Kickstarter or Greenlight, and many more that haven't taken the next logical step and robbed a bank. As of a few days ago, Interstellar Marines can count itself a member of the first two clubs, though the third is surely only a matter of time. Zero Point are asking for $600,000 to finish development of their long-awaited sci-fi shooter, with $81,000 of that already achieved.

Score some swag for F2P shooter Repulse [Giveaway]

Lucas Sullivan at

If you're going to succeed in the awfully-crowded F2P FPS market, you're going to have to find a way to set yourself apart. Aeria Games' latest run-'n'-gun, Repulse, has all the usual modes we've come to expect: Deathmatch, CTF, infection (known here as Invasion), and objective-based maps. But the game's movement abilities are what really stand out. And we're here to help you start playing in style, right from the get-go, without setting foot in the item shop. We're giving away 2,000 codes for a sweet item-bundle, but hurry—these firearms are on a first-come, first-serve basis.