Star Citizen's ship customization systems explained

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Star Citizen is being billed as a return to form for PC gaming and the space combat genre. It's to be bigger than the rest, more open than the rest, and more detailed than the rest, especially in regard to ship design and handling—the official bullet points describe full rigid body simulation, "Dynamic Ship Maneuverability," and meaningful component decisions. Tasty stuff, but just a sweet glaze of promises on top of the rich, substantial detail filling we're after—and now we have a little more of it.

New Star Citizen video shows 'AI Test Footage'

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Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts returns to gaming, brings space combat back with him

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Actual details are spectacularly thin on the ground, with the actual announcement, as opposed to this pre-announcement-announcement, not happening until the 10th of October. Register for his new site Roberts Space Industries and you'll find some details though, like... wait, he's called it RSI? I wonder how many cheap gags are going to be made about that over the next couple of years.

Oh well. There's at least a little bit to go on behind its front-page countdown curtain.