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Total War: Rome 2 - Hannibal at the Gates campaign pack announced and trailered

Phil Savage at

Like a fine HBO drama, this trailer for Total War: Rome 2's upcoming Hannibal at the Gates DLC is deceptive about its charms. Sure, it looks like you'll be watching for the rousing rhetoric of arch-enemies Scipio and Hannibal. In reality, there are more carnal pleasures buried within. No, not naked people - you really have been watching too much HBO - but elephants! For a glorious few seconds you can watch them bash up soldiers like the armoured meat-sacks they are.

Total War: Rome II footage shows orchestral soundtrack and bashing-things-with-hammers sound effects

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A dev diary video released by Creative Assembly shows great behind-the-scenes footage of the sound design in the new Total War strategy game, Rome II The Total War series has always had an emphasis on bigger worlds and more units on a battlefield at once, but it’s neat to see the lengths they went to get really great sound.

Rome 2's penultimate playable faction rides armored horses across the desert

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I kind of tuned out of Rome 2's faction announcements after personal favorites, the Arverni and the Suebi, were announced, but if you've been holding out for some Eastern flavor, today is your day. Joining the aforementioned barbarian badasses, their Iceni cousins, and the imperialist dogs of Rome, Macedon, and Carthage, the Parthian Persians enter the fray from the previously-shrouded, right-hand side of the map.

Total War: Rome II trailer features angry emperors, angry Germans, angry dogs

Chris Thursten at

Have you heard this one before? A Roman general and his German ally go for a walk in the woods. Three legions of Roman soldiers end up dead. It's not a very good joke - not if you're Augustus, anyway. They were his legions. He would really, really like them back.

Rome 2 lead designer talks ancient warfare, modding, DLC, and the importance of working with the community

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While at The Creative Assembly to see Rome 2 for the first time, I sat down with Total War lead designer James Russell to talk about the studio’s reasons for returning to the ancient world, what new features players should expect from their second expedition to Rome, and whether the game will receive the same mod support that has just been rolled out for Total War: Shogun 2.

Total War Rome 2 video interviews: Creative Assembly on battles and the campaign game

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While seeing Rome 2 for the first time at Creative Assembly, I spoke to lead designer James Russell and lead battle designer Jamie Ferguson about the new direction that Total War is taking, their ambitions for the game, and why they're returning to Rome after all this time. Click through for the videos.