Curious Expedition interview: making a hardcore browser game people will pay for

Ian Birnbaum at

The developers of Curious Expedition have had a heady winter. After their devlog landed on TigSource and blew up across the gaming media, the two-person team won a €50,000 grant from the German government to finish developing the game, an exploration roguelike inspired by pioneers and the fiction of Jules Verne. Riad Djemili and Johannes Kistmann then left their day jobs to work full-time on Curious Expedition and bring it to retail.

FTL: Advanced Edition out April 3

Emanuel Maiberg at

Subset Games has announced on Twitter that FTL: Advanced Edition will release on April 3. The new edition of the game will release on iPad for $10 on the same day, but will be offered as a free upgrade to those who already own the original game on PC. As you should.

FTL: Advanced Edition adds new weapons, content for free in 2014

Ian Birnbaum at

FTL, last year’s breakout hit from two-person studio Subset Games, will receive a free update that adds new ship systems, weapons, events and environments. Called FTL: Advanced Edition, the update will be timed to coincide with an iPad edition of the game set for release in 2014.

Interview: XCOM Lead Designer on the response to Slingshot DLC, death and loss in games

Evan Lahti at

While Firaxis' Jake Solomon and I were talking about the addition of The Second Wave to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, our conversation shifted to the game's poorly-received first paid DLC, Slingshot. From there, he also reflected on players' response to XCOM's difficulty and how 2012 was a banner year for "consequence" as a concept in video games.

Spelunky and the City of Gold

Tom Francis at

I've found it. It's real. I must have stood at this mysterious door a hundred times before - with the Udjat Eye from the locked chest in the upper caves; with the Ankh of Resurrection bought at a Black Market so secret I had to blast through solid rock to find it; with a Psionic Staff prised from the cold dead hands of an eighteen foot Mummy; even with the elusive Hedjet of the ice caverns, a prize I literally died to obtain. Each time, it stayed shut. But now, at last, I've found the secret combination of secret artifacts that fits the secret lock on this secret door to the legendary City of Gold, and I'm going in.